House Reading

I've built this course specifically for people who are 100% ready to slide out of their old ways and upgrade the way they are currently living. This is all about defining who you are right now and making some very deliberate and clever choices in order to solidify your real world presence.



Within the course we'll be:


  • Running a check on your sensory state and identifying the capacities of your building.
  • Doing a stocktake of your belongings and possessions.
  • Mapping out your house and storyboarding your ideals.
  • Checking out how you roll via an elemental calendar.
  • Assessing the current balance of your physical world and asking the big questions.


Are you ready and are you brave?


I've made this as easy to absorb as I can through a tonne of short videos, downloadable manuals, colour charts, object lists and a handful of essential tables to fill out that'll tell you exactly where you're at.


This will get your feet on the ground and put a whole lot of solace into your heart so when it comes to reality you can make your best decisions.


This course is ideal for people who feel one or more of the following things:


  • ready for personal change
  • are worried that they have too much stuff
  • are stressed out by their houses
  • have someone moving in or out
  • have children or people in their care
  • are looking to move
  • are looking to buy
  • are looking to renovate
  • need to upgrade their financial game
  • are ready to invite in more love
  • are ready to install more effective boundaries
  • need a safe place to show off their before and afters
  • are open to change


This is a self paced course that you can do in your own good time but there's also a beautiful point of connect via our secret Facebook page. This is where we tell the truth, ask for advice and show off our victories.



lifetime access


lifetime access


If you feel this is right for you - I'll see you there  Bx



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