I'm a designer from way back.

After kicking off my career many moons ago at NIDA as a Costume Designer, I've since gone on to work on a myriad of of Film, TV, theatre and fashion projects and expanded my role to include production design. It's been a very good industry for me as it's taught me how to make pretty much anything, manage all kinds of people, get super organized and learn the delicate craft of patience, persistence and sheer determination.

I loved the dedicated mindset required to work in entertainment.

Being covered head to toe in fabric and paint, owning more tools than you can poke a stick at, running up and down beaches, across fields, standing waist deep in water for hours on end, getting up regularly at the crack of dawn, juggling actors and costumes and schedules and pulling all nighters...which was all well and good till these other people started turning up in my life and all of a sudden I found myself with a new job description that would take me deep into a new kind of night.

Yes indeed, I had bubbas - 2 of them in fact, and even though the days of in-house all nighters have passed (thank god) I've come to recognize how they literally woke me up and made me transform what was formerly my house, into what is now our home.

Initially I freaked out and got into a complete shit fight before quietly remembering that I was in fact a designer and maybe it was time I snapped out of it and started solving some of the problems I was coming up against. This was not an interior design problem as I had no issue with making things look 'nice' but more of a holistic undercurrent that wasn't really flowing.

I was changing, they were changing and I no longer wanted to live in a space that was purely decorative. Things needed to work on a much more efficient scale that allowed each and every one of us to shed a skin when ever we needed to and become very present in our own lives.

Turns out there were others who found themselves in the same boat so I started working with other people over the past few years and the transformations I've seen have been truly amazing. It's a beautiful thing to pass on some 'tools of the trade' then stand back and watch what people can do.

So after crafting my little heart out, I've managed to put these systems together so you too can clear yourself some space and start planting the seeds of goodness into not only your house - but your future.

So thanks for stopping by and I look forward to creatively hanging out if you decide to take the plunge.


Brigette x


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